Welcome to my page about equine dentistry.

This english version of my web-site is only those few pages. I only work in Denmark and therefore my page has the decribsion of my work in danish. If you want to know more than you can read on this page, please fell free to contact me.

Short about me: I have been working with horses all my life. I've been showing in 3-day-eventing, jumping and dressage. Now I only show in dressage and train jumper/hunter. Learn more at www.equine.dk 

After working as a jumper in Germanry I went to California to lean Equine Dentistry with dr. Richard Miller. I got my certification with the IAED in 2000 andlater my advanced certification. I've had my own buisness in Denmark since 2001.

My goal is to help the horses, so they are healthy, happy and able to do what we want from them. We ask them to jump, run, put their head in special possisions and with dental problems it can be very hurtfull and almost impossible for them to do. Equine Dentistry is important on all horses.

Mai Karlshoej Nicholaisen. e-mail: info@equine.dk or phone: +45 20 32 32 80

naturlige heste
It's very important to learn to take care of your horses, - it's not enough to love them.